Ready and Waiting

There is more to buying a new/used sugaring rig than getting it in the driveway. Sure, back in August it was exciting! Shiny and somewhat clean, hoods and other contraptions that are new to us, BIGGER volume…and heck, we don’t actually have to turn it on until next March! But Ian being Ian, he knew better than to procrastinate. He has been diligently working on getting things set up since December. Setting up a new space, woodwork to clear paths for more taps, MORE sugaring wood than we had put up last spring, even making extra batches of homebrewed beer in anticipation of all those visitors! We decided long ago sugaring and all that goes with it is a labor of love and not profit for us. It is part of what we do and have been doing since we moved here in 1991. Ian’s father missed sugaring last year for the first time in 60 years in order to take a trip to Italy – not a decision taken lightly!

So, the rig is ready.

Trees are tapped.

Holding tanks are waiting to be filled.

And now we wait. Even Manfred is anxious to see something in those buckets!

If you see steam rising stop by!

5 thoughts on “Ready and Waiting

  1. Ooo! We will have to stop by and see the workings…how will today’s giant snow pile affect it? Or is it a good thing?

  2. Can you please set up a web cam at the sugar house so I can check for steam remotely (i.e. my living room here in Maine)?

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