How About An Update!

It’s been a LONG time since we have posted…obviously…since April! Whew! Our CSA members continue to get a weekly newsletter with recipes and news of the farm but nothing too detailed so periodically we feel a need to bore you with specifics.

We all know the spring has been horrendous weather-wise so we don’t need to go into that. Despite those challenges we have been giving out nice shares since May 30 with lots of lettuce, mesclun, kale, baby turnips, scallions, radishes, Napa cabbage, rhubarb, baby beets, etc., as well as some value-added goodies such as roasted garlic dressing and spinach squares. The herb bed is starting to really come into it and folks have been snipping here and there with cilantro seeming to be a big hit each week.

June 10 2011
An Early June Share

Future shares are looking bright too with lots of great stuff coming along. Berry bushes are all loaded. Potatoes and tomatoes are thriving. Summer squash and  cucumbers should be ready next week!

Blackberries in Bloom
Mountain Rose Potato
Merveille De Quatre Saisons (bronze lettuce) and Perfection Fennel

The meat birds are finally all out on pasture after racing with the clock to get some decent chicken tractors built. They love the grass
and bugs and the fresh air.

Broilers Out on Pasture

Our hens are still giving us those beautiful rainbow eggs and the pullets we got back in February are thinking about it. Scrabbers (bent neck chick) is actually growing and can get outside by herself but still needs lots of help getting back in.

We are certainly keeping VERY busy.

Our Daughters

Whoops! How did they get in here! Guess we’re on a bragging binge!

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