Happy New Year

Yes – we know it is way past January 1st!  But it is still a new year for the farm and we have been busy!  The last weekly share of produce and other value-added goods was delivered to members the week of Christmas, signaling a joyous end to the share season.  Before the weekly shares pick up again in Spring much needs to be accomplished.  Winter is the best time to harvest the wood needed to sustain the farm throughout the year – hard wood for heating the house, soft wood for running the evaporator to make maple syrup, a mix for running the bake oven each week, and a nice pile of saw logs for various infrastructure needs such as high tunnel end walls and outbuilding extensions.  Besides the Sun, wood is the primary energy source on the farm and a winter harvesting schedule reduces the impact on the land with an added bonus of no bugs!

While the cold and snow are doing their important cleansing part to the ecological landscape, plans are shaping up for next years growing season.  A careful study of notes from last year plus future goals are worked into various spreadsheets to come up with a what, when, and how roadmap to ensure farm share members walk away each week with plenty to contemplate…and eat!

New this year we are building an outdoor kitchen of sorts – calling it the “Oven Pavillion”  for lack of a better term for now – so we can be cranking out those flatbreads in all weather.  Most importantly the Pavillion will have hooks so we can hang a hammock.  Not sure how Ian plans to tend the oven while laying down but he is pretty resourceful.

Hard to imagine Spring and all of its promise while it is snowy and blowy outside.  But it will come.  And we will be ready.

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