What’s For Supper

I know. Some people say “dinner.” We use both interchangeable but I was told dinner is really a mid-day BIG meal and supper is lighter fare – easier to digest. Hmmm. We eat a huge meal about 8 pm…and we sleep great. Carrying a few extra pounds but then what would we have to work off the next day? Tonight we are having a beef stew of sorts using Perry Family Farm short ribs and our onions, carrots, rutabaga, garlic, frozen tomatoes and a Tailwager IPA that Ian brewed this winter. The ale is in the stew but of course we may have one on the side as well.

Not much happening on the farm at the moment. In fact, it is snowing. Sugaring was a big disappointment but then again we have a good supply of wood for next year – hip hip hooray! Lots of projects in the works though- seeding, construction, dog massages, dreaming, stretching – you name it we got it going on.

Tomorrow we head to the BIG city. That’s right. Two tickets to the Obama Rally in Burlington and we’re psyched! Maybe I will blog about it but really, this post should be good for another month!

Oh right. Here is the salad we’re having tonight. No I did not run out to Pete’s Greens! These greens are actually the dregs from last winter in our hoop house. Some dregs huh?

One thought on “What’s For Supper

  1. did you really get to Burlington for that Obama rally? Did you go after eating that wonderful stew and “dregs” of greens from your hoop house???
    Not another blog for a month? What, are you going on vacation or something???

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