Chives Anyone?

Farm Shares started this week with tasty bunches of spinach, arugula, and pak choy plus HUGE head lettuces and gorgeous radishes. Everyone was craving fresh greens and it doesn’t get any fresher than “picked that day”. A variety of herbs are in full swing for u-pick harvesting with chives being the “feature” this week. Chives are ridiculously unsung. We love to mix minced chives with butter and mustard and slather under the skin of a Field Stone Farm roasting chicken. Try adding minced chivesΒ to your crepe batter (NOT that hard to make) and filling your crepes with just about anything savory. The flowers are a fun and colorful addition to salad by just pulling the petals apart and sprinkling on top. The flowering stems are not eaten (at least we don’t) but they make a lovely, simple flower arrangement. And don’t forget to add minced chives to your cream cheese for your bagel. Chives are a Spring treat so get out your scissors and start enjoying them.

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