Where Did Summer Go?

What the heck have we been doing since our last post on June 20th? Goodness gracious we’ve been snoozing in the hammock under the big maple…right? Do we even own a hammock?

Well if you really want to know – we’ve been working on infrastructure. And boy are we tired of saying that to everyone we run across! Hi tunnels, chicken tractors, wood oven pavillion, just to name a few.

Summer CSA Farm Shares were great! The weather was great for growing but hard work out in that heat. Who felt like “blogging” at the end of the day…”slogging” more like it. Or even “flogging” if I could get a hold of anybody!

So now we’re getting ready to dig in for winter. Still harvesting. Still preserving. Winter CSA Shares are starting and we’re all excited once again. We love this life!

Even though the camera is never around when we want it we did manage to take a few shots this summer. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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