Remembering Manfred

If you have stepped one foot on our farm at any time in the last 10 years you would have had the pleasure of meeting Manfred. Otherwise known as Manny, Diggety, Stupe, Belvedere, Mr. Stink, and Friend, just to name a few of his aliases – Manfred inspired nonsense in all of us. He was a working dog in every sense of the word and his main job was to make people smile.

Manfred liked to have his hand (and head) in everything and could be counted on to oversee all operations.


IMG_1899 (2)

He also knew how to relax when the day was done.

Handsome Man

Manny on the Couch 2

Towards the end Manfred had some really good days…

IMG_2194 (2)IMG_2195 (2)

and some bad days.

IMG_2184 (2)IMG_2202 (2)

Manfred’s spirit moved on yesterday. He touched us deeply while he was with us. We will miss him.

Pearl is certainly in mourning.

IMG_2192 (2)

If we could all bring as much pleasure to people as Manfred did what a wonderful world this would be.

Manfred 2009 (2)


IMG_2200 (2)


17 thoughts on “Remembering Manfred

  1. What a lovely remembrance for a wonderful, loving and funny pooch. He always came running to see who was coming to visit HIM and was truly interested in just YOU at that moment! And that ball! He will certainly be missed but the farm and all guests were fortunate to receive his joy!

  2. Manny had a BIG heart, REALLY big, & a large cranium, quite large, although one was never quite sure of what was in it, but his playfulness, his gentle nature, his outgoingness & his consistency were remarkable ……..his spirit was a gift to all of us who had cause to visit on “his” patch…..the best greeter ever…mission accomplished Manny, happy arrivals up there…..we’ll see you down the road a bit…..

  3. When I went to the library yesterday Sue mentioned that you weren’t coming in last night and I just knew that it was because of Manfred. Those pictures of him are wonderful; they brought tears to my eyes. Manfred was truly a large presence, literally and figuratively and he will leave just as large a hole in many lives. I am sorry he is no longer walking this earth on those 4 wonderful paws.

  4. So sorry for your loss! My heart goes out to you. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. Dogs are just like our childen. Thinking of you all ❤

  5. I am not, by nature, a dog person, but Manny was one of my very few special dogs. One whom I felt comfortable with and loved and accepted by and whom I was always happy to see. I will miss hearing his barks at night from our house and his ever enthusiastic greetings when picking up our share. Our thoughts are with you all.

  6. I’ll always remember Manny as the most all-round friendly, outgoing, happy, big-hearted doog…always ready to play, and sticking his nose in your hand wanting to be petted…he would actually whine if he was saying hi to you and you weren’t saying hi back (petting him). He lightened my heart and made me laugh whenever I saw him.

  7. I’ll always remember him bounding down the driveway to meet me anytime I came visiting tail wagging and so happy to see ya. He will be missed by many, and especially by Pearl. Our thoughts are with all of you at this time of loss.

  8. I’m so sorry, Ian and Chandra, for your loss. I told Katherine and Caroline about it last night, and they were both sad. Caroline in particular loved coming to get our share because of the chance to play with both dogs. Manny will be missed by us…please accept our best wishes and strong support through the grieving process.

  9. Manfred understood two things perfectly. 1- Friendship is the most valuable experience we can have and 2- Having fun is…well…its just really fun. I will miss my kooky friend Manfred.

  10. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Manny was an ideal companion that will compare to no other. Your pictures are beautiful and show what a wonderful life you gave him.

  11. i didn’t know Manny very well as I haven’t been to see you in quite awhile but my tears are for you. My heart is heavy because I can only imagine the loss and grief you feel at this time. Know that I love you and I’m thinking of you. The pictures were a lovely rememberance and he was a lucky guy to have been part of your family.
    Love, Zoe

  12. …..Grieve not
    nor speak of me with tears,
    but laugh and talk of me
    as if I were beside you…
    I loved you so –
    ’twas heaven here with you

    We are so sorry for your loss of Manfred. Love, Sally and Steve

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