Is it Pizza or Flatbread?

IMG_2206 (2)Honestly we’ll answer to both!

No blizzard here on Saturday – 18 and sunny and perfect weather to bake up 42 pizzas for the Farmers Market. After clearing a path to the oven it was time to get creative with our winter larder and a little help from our friends at the Coop. We pulled frozen pesto, caponata, and wood-fired sauces from our freezer. Plenty of stored onions, garlic, and wood-fired dried tomatoes from the root cellar. Pears and wonderful cheeses helped us cross the threshold from plain pizza to artisan flatbread.

IMG_2207 (2)

IMG_2214 (2) IMG_2216 (2) IMG_2215 (2)

Oh yeah – we didn’t grow the walnuts either but we’re working on it!

5 thoughts on “Is it Pizza or Flatbread?

  1. Oh man, how I MISS those flatbreads! Those were our Friday night treat all season long, and have really made us what to put in our own brick oven someday. YUMMM!!

  2. sounds absolutely scrumptious!!! Hope I can get to the market some Sunday in the near future. You guys are inspirations!


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