And Then…All Work Stopped On The Farm

Meet Chella and  Baysee – Work stoppage Experts. We have been fostering these two darlings since Saturday for the Central Vermont Humane Society. When asked if we could do a foster at our busiest time of year we didn’t hesitate as we need laughs as much as anyone, and maybe even more, with this weather!

IMG_2285 (2)
















People do the dumbest things. Like letting their Boston Terrier and their Shar Pei breed and produce puppies that they don’t even want. Actually, it’s a good thing these girls went to the Humane Society so they could be raised in the right environment and properly spayed.

And the good news? These little girls are awesome! Smart, loving, practically house-trained and very high energy. They love their crate and sleep without a peep all night long. IMG_2303 (2)

IMG_2281 (2)












Today they are going back to the shelter where we hope some equally awesome people will adopt them – they deserve a great life. Don’t worry! The humane society won’t let you adopt them both as they never let siblings go together. So you won’t end up looking like me after a day of keeping the farm help going during a day of heavy rain while two Tasmanian Devils dance around at my feet.

IMG_2294 (2)

But, the laughs never stopped for 5 days! We will most definitely miss these two snuggle bugs, but it’s time to get back to work.

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