Happy Eating

Well it’s official. Our house is clean, indeed spotless, for the first time since May. Having 27 folks for dinner (family reunion) will do that for you – that and a lot of elbow grease. We’re talking all windows cleaned, all carpets washed, new paint in strategic places, and new porch furniture. And guess what? Nobody even came in except to use the bathroom! It was a picture perfect day and evening last Saturday with lots of running around games outside and lots of eating out at the wood-oven pavilion.

My strategy for feeding that many people? Field Stone Farm Pizza and some salads! The pizza’s reheat beautifully either in the oven or on grills (we use both) and we never missed a beat rolling out one beauty after another.

For the kiddosย or less adventuresome we had some plainย tomato sauce and cheese and then stepped up a few of those with local sausage, peppers and onions. For the more adventuresome (and even the kids were drawn to the beauty and actually LIKED them) we pulled out Chanterelle Mushroom, Bacon, Snap Pea and Goat Cheese; Chioggia Beet, Red Onion, Goat Cheese; Basil Pesto, Red Onion, Dried Tomato; Balsamic Onion, Bacon, Goat Cheese and I’m sure there were others. We even had a couple of gluten-free. Ended the whole shebang with ice cream sundae’s and everyone was happy and stuffed and it was SO EASY.

Thinking about an EASY delicious meal to wow your guests? Talk to us. We can make a bunch for you and we can also cater your event.

IMG_2349 (2)

For veggies this week the list of choices seemed endless. Lots of crunch value with freshly picked kohlrabi, salad turnips and carrots. We are fairly swimming in cucumbers, tomatoes and blueberries. Bold summer lettuces, lacinato kale and Swiss chard topped the greens charts and nice big bunches of basil are there for folks who choose to make pesto.

IMG_2357 (2)IMG_2355 (2)

IMG_2361 (2)

Having choices in the CSA Share is great but it also means there are things that get left behind for us to deal with…

We’ll be making pickled beets this weekend as well as salsa and relish.

IMG_2362 (2)IMG_2354 (2)

We’ll also be eating well, albeit it’s usually late…can’t believe someone left that NY Strip Steak behind!


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