Winter CSA News

We know it’s only August but like any good critter you should already be thinking about how you’ll be eating this winter! The Barnyard and Field Stone Farm are already busy at work like ants and squirrels making sure we, and hopefully you, don’t go hungry during the long months of winter, and trust us – they will come!

Everything is ripening at a fast pace now and storage crops like garlic have already come in from the fields.

IMG_2620 (2)a90c2bfa-0660-45cd-9098-f00597803dd4





Beans, squash, and corn all look great. Freezers are filling with berries and jars are capturing summer flavors at their peak.

It’s time to start thinking about it yes indeed. Visit the 2014 Winter CSA  page to learn more about how you can sign-up so you’re not left out in the cold this winter!

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