We’re Growing

Family farms are making a comeback! And why not? The number of young people wanting to get involved with sustainable food production is growing – even while the numbers suggest they can’t make a decent living farming. It may be the definition of “decent living” is changing as well…

Our experience with this new generation has been that priorities are changing – many no longer value expensive cars or toys (cell phones being the exception!), fancy apartments or fancy clothes. Quality food free from chemicals, quality time (dancing) with friends, meaningful work, smaller footprints – these are the values we are seeing repeatedly – especially in Vermont.

We feel so blessed to have not one, but two daughters that want the quality of life that farming offers. Our farm is small but there is plenty to do for everyone.

While our daughter Hannah waits for her sister Fae to finish college so they can go WWOOF across Europe, she has agreed to spend a year on our farm growing and managing our vegetable enterprise. Did I mention she has a few things she can teach us? Hannah has completed farm apprenticeships at both Caretaker Farm and Sisters Hill Farm so she comes well prepared to grow high quality vegetables, and plenty of them.

And who knows, Fae may also decide to join us at some point.  After all, she did spend the last two summers working at Full Moon Farm.

It’s all about the farm and food experience and we’re happy to share with everybody!



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