The Real Cost of Food

Do you ever think growing food is as easy as planting some seeds or taking a cow to the butcher? We’re talking REAL food – not Industrial Agriculture or CAFO operations.  Our government, in their infinite wisdom, has subsidized those horrific and unsustainable large operations to the extent that folks don’t know what they’re eating or how much it costs to produce that food. The hidden costs to cheap food are enormous and well worth considering when you decide how you will feed yourself or your loved ones.

No, we’re talking about food that’s grown locally by farmers in your own community – farms you can visit, farmers you can talk to about their practices, and ultimately food you can trust. The costs to produce REAL food are also enormous. Less fossil and chemical inputs generally mean more hand labor and more care for crops and animals. But ultimately, the end result is fresher and more nutritious with a denser wallop of nutrients.

As consumers we all decide where our dollars go and who we support. The more we all understand the connection of family farms to healthy communities the better off we will all be.

People don’t come out to our farm on Thursday afternoons to get cheap food. They come because the food is absolutely fresh and of the highest quality. They come to make a connection with the farm that grows their food. They come to support the farm which in turn ensures some food security at the local level. And they come because it’s fun!

August 12 Patch

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