CSA News Week Two

Folks are loving our new choice system! After polling our Winter CSA folks last year, what we always suspected was confirmed – there are certain veggies people either love or hate – with beets and kale topping the list! Well guess what? We love to grow and eat both plus a whole array of other “take it or leave it” veggies like fennel, kohlrabi and escarole to name a few.

We’ve implemented other choice systems in the past but there were always some things in the mix that were a fixed part of the share. With our new system you can take exactly the items you want, double up on things you really love, and leave those gorgeous beets behind with out missing a wink of sleep!

The only problem? Too many great choices this week for so early in the season – Radishes, Sweet Salad Turnips, Chioggia Beets, Kale, Asian Greens, Head Lettuces, Salad Mix, Spinach, Rhubarb and Napa Cabbage. There’s nothing like early spring veggies!

week 2

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