Summer CSA Week Four and Folks On The Farm

One of the super joys of having a CSA is getting to know the folks who come to the farm. We know that Zack will not chose the kale but that Holly will probably take two bunches. Ruth doesn’t care how gorgeous the beets are – they’re just not her thing, but she loves salad turnips. And probably everyone was wishing they could take two quarts of strawberries instead of the limit of one but chances are high we’ll have them again next week for a three week run and then the summer raspberries will kick in.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, (same ranch!) we hosted our first Bonafide Tourย dinner with folks from Stowe resorts. Lovely evening, pizza hot out of the oven, and getting to know MORE folks on the farm! We love it!

Available in our CSA Shares this week –

radishes, sweet salad turnips, assorted head lettuces, kale, baby beets with greens, scallions, garlic scapes, napa cabbage, salad mix, spinach, strawberries and three varieties of pizza fresh from the oven – everyone went home happy and we wentย to our beds tired and satisfied.

Garlic Scapes
Garlic Scapes


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