What is Community Supported Agriculture?

CSA stand for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer and farm “members” or “share-holders”. As a CSA member, you purchase all of your food ahead of time- which is why the price tag for one looks so big! However, if you divide that number by the total number of weeks that you’ll receive a share, you can see that it’s actually a very reasonable number to be spending on fresh, local produce each week. Added bonus- there’s a 12-15% discount already included!

1506863_10154039404972586_1258983463226987679_nThe farm benefits by obtaining much needed capital before the growing season actually starts. The chunks of money received from CSA share sales help to offset the heavy costs associated with spring: seeds, equipment, fees, soil amendments and fertilizers all need to be purchased before the growing season starts.