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Farmers Market: New for 2018!! Buy $300, get $330, Saturdays, downtown Montpelier (26 weeks)

Take advantage of the full market display every Saturday in downtown Montpelier to buy what you want, and however much you want of it (pizza not included). This is a popular alternative to the classic “boxed share” CSA model, allowing you the flexibility to shop at market and buy as much or as little produce as you want each week, while still participating in the pay-up-front program that is so valuable to farmers. An added advantage: you get an extended season, with markets running every Saturday from May to October! At market you can shop for the week, tally up your purchases, subtract it from your credit, and move on to browse the other incredible vendors and products.

Salad Share: 19 weeks + make-up week (June 12th-October 16th), $330 on farm/$355 delivered, Tuesday evening pick-up

The Salad Share is a small share perfect for the individual, couple, or family just venturing into the world of CSA. Valued at $16/week and consisting of 1/2lb of our salad mix (a blend of flavorful Asian greens and buttery leaf lettuce) and 3 to 4 additional items each week, Salad Share members are ensured to have the makings for the best, fresh local salads all summer long!

Farm Share: 19 weeks + make-up week (June 12th-October 16th), $525 on farm/$550 delivered, Tuesday evening pick-up

Reap the full bounty of the farm! The Farm Share flows with the seasons and members get a taste of it all. Shares consist of 7 to 10 items each week – an average of $30 worth of produce – from salad greens to strawberries, tomatoes to onions, radishes to new potatoes, snap peas, green beans, and everything in between.

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