Farmstead Pizza


IMG_2634 (2)Farmstead Pizza – what a catchy phrase! Hopefully it conjures for you what our pizza is all about – awesome organic crust topped with tasty farm produce. Throw the word “seasonal” in there and you really get our drift – no vine-ripened tomatoes in winter!

Our Pizza Philosophy is this – pizza should be chewy, gooey and full of flavor.

Our Food Philosophy is this – try and eat with the seasons – and in Vermont we have four!

14361245_10155256405762586_8554937975529645058_oOur Mission? Prove to you that “seasonal” eating can be rich, exciting and tasty.

And finally, we love this phrase, found on a bumper sticker and taped to our fridge, source unknown:

“Love People. Cook them tasty food.”


Where can you find our pizza? Capital City Farmers Market in Montpelier, Green Mountain Girls Farm  in Northfield and Sunflower Natural Foods in Waterbury Center. Keep checking for more locations or call 802-279-2284  for an updated status – sometimes you can get it right from the oven at the farm!


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