Winter Share Week 9

Every time Misse and I get together to pack the Shares we say we should take a picture of ourselves. And then we don’t! Well as luck would have it, just as I am sporting a new “do”,  Misse’s husband Josh was there to oblige this week.

So, after wearing hats and crawling around harvesting greens, here we are in all of our glory – crooked glasses and all!

But don’t pay attention to us – look at the Share!

Fresh kale, fresh spinach mix, garlic, parsnips, potatoes, eggs, basil pesto (frozen), yellow beans (frozen), dilly pickle chips, tomato-carrot soup, wood-fired tomato sauce, and a Provencal Rustic Potato Tart!  Vermont winter Salade Nicoise anyone?

Week 9 Provence!

Week 9 Provence!

Is It Really 2014?

Well it must be 2014 because I just had to renew my “domain” for another year. I guess I must have been in a coma since August as that is the last time I posted anything even though I pay for it. So here goes – a nice condensed post about the 2013 Fall/Winter Share thus far, which has been amazing! So far we have traveled to Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Africa, India, Chile, and Switzerland. We have dined on Shepherd’s Pie, Spanikopeta, Polenta with Tomato Sauce, Sweet Potato Soup, Mulligatawny Soup, Corn Empanada’s, and Spaetzle with Sauerkraut and Cheese. In addition to these wonderful entree’s, every other week folks are picking up very hefty bags of fresh veggies as well as delightful additions such as dried tomatoes, canned chutney’s, frozen raspberries and frozen pestos just to name a few. The weekly newsletters have been interesting (we think!) with tidbits about the countries as well as recipes and ideas for how to use up the beautiful array of local and organic produce.

Polenta dinner using Butterworks Farm cornmeal, fresh heirloom tomato sauce, Consider Bardwell cheese and steamed kale

Eating locally in winter certainly doesn’t need to be boring!

Next week? Provence and the wood-fired brick oven!

Happy Eating

Well it’s official. Our house is clean, indeed spotless, for the first time since May. Having 27 folks for dinner (family reunion) will do that for you – that and a lot of elbow grease. We’re talking all windows cleaned, all carpets washed, new paint in strategic places, and new porch furniture. And guess what? Nobody even came in except to use the bathroom! It was a picture perfect day and evening last Saturday with lots of running around games outside and lots of eating out at the wood-oven pavilion.

My strategy for feeding that many people? Field Stone Farm Pizza and some salads! The pizza’s reheat beautifully either in the oven or on grills (we use both) and we never missed a beat rolling out one beauty after another.

For the kiddos or less adventuresome we had some plain tomato sauce and cheese and then stepped up a few of those with local sausage, peppers and onions. For the more adventuresome (and even the kids were drawn to the beauty and actually LIKED them) we pulled out Chanterelle Mushroom, Bacon, Snap Pea and Goat Cheese; Chioggia Beet, Red Onion, Goat Cheese; Basil Pesto, Red Onion, Dried Tomato; Balsamic Onion, Bacon, Goat Cheese and I’m sure there were others. We even had a couple of gluten-free. Ended the whole shebang with ice cream sundae’s and everyone was happy and stuffed and it was SO EASY.

Thinking about an EASY delicious meal to wow your guests? Talk to us. We can make a bunch for you and we can also cater your event.

IMG_2349 (2)

For veggies this week the list of choices seemed endless. Lots of crunch value with freshly picked kohlrabi, salad turnips and carrots. We are fairly swimming in cucumbers, tomatoes and blueberries. Bold summer lettuces, lacinato kale and Swiss chard topped the greens charts and nice big bunches of basil are there for folks who choose to make pesto.

IMG_2357 (2)IMG_2355 (2)

IMG_2361 (2)

Having choices in the CSA Share is great but it also means there are things that get left behind for us to deal with…

We’ll be making pickled beets this weekend as well as salsa and relish.

IMG_2362 (2)IMG_2354 (2)

We’ll also be eating well, albeit it’s usually late…can’t believe someone left that NY Strip Steak behind!


Summer is Here

Not keeping up with the blog? That’s because we’re too busy eating, admiring, and yes, working. Rain be damned! Our crops and fields have never looked better and our share members continue to be delighted with the quality, freshness and variety of our produce.


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We are looking for some fresh clear air to be sure! In the meantime, we will enjoy what the farm has to offer. This week we will be savoring sweet ripe blueberries, green beans, tomatoes and a variety of summer squash. Shall round that out with choices among basil, beets, kohlrabi, black kale, cucumbers, pearl onions, scallions, fennel, snap and shell peas and green leafy lettuce. Yes indeed summer is here!

Welcome July!

Dare we hope for some calmer weather? I think we should! Although, the NOAA pictures for the upcoming week look exactly the same as last week…

Meanwhile, Week 5 of the CSA came and went without a hitch. Mainstay items for the week were Escarole, Lettuce, Cukes or Zukes and Garlic Scapes.

IMG_2312 (2)

IMG_2316 (2)

Additional items to choose from included Rhubarb, Strawberries, Kale, Kohlrabi, Radishes, Honey and Scallions.

The U-Pick Herb bed is absolutely full with Parsley, Cilantro, Savory, Marjoram, Dill, Oregano, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Chives, and Tea herbs such as Bergamot, Anise Hyssop, Chamomile and Lemon Balm.

Peas are in full blossom with lots of small pods ready to fill up!

And, to end the week beautifully, almost 100 beautifully wrapped chickens went to their new homes while our freezer is re-stocked as well. Things feel bountiful after a lot of hard work and even a little play. The hammock is calling!

Sun Anyone?

IMG_2279 (2)Yes please! Welcome indeed after gobs of rain! Thankful we are a hill farm at times like these – the only “flooding” we are experiencing is in the now well-worn path between harvest shed and CSA pick-up shed and we can certainly go around those puddles. Our hearts go out to other farms and folks in general who are not faring as well.

Mainstays in the share this week were this lovely Orange Fantasia Swiss Chard, bunches of Green Garlic, a variety of Head Lettuces and a very tasty Chive Pesto. Still had plenty of Salad Mix, Spinach, Kale and Napa Cabbage as well as a nice variety of frozen goodies – we even had some of the first cucumbers.

IMG_2307 (2)

Looking forward to a weekend filled with daughters. We sure do miss those pups though…